Data Management

Data Management


Data Discovery

To gain timely and significant benefits from all your data, you need data discovery solutions that are quick and efficient. Amtex BI’s Data Discovery Services provide an information ecosystem to explore different technologies for a full data discovery experience. We help organizations identify, explore, prove, and implement data analytics and insights with actual use cases. Learn in a safe analytic discovery environment, while also focusing on best practices and data governance policies. At Amtex BI, we can help you unravel the value of your data to promote the success of your business upshots.


Data Quality

Empower your data to drive your strategic direction. Amtex BI’s Data Quality Methodology services, paired with AI/ML capabilities, set the foundation for a reliable data strategy, catalyzing your digital transformation initiatives. By implementing a series of activities, including data classification, metadata collection, data profiling, etc. Amtex BI experts assert the objectives of your data, driven by business and technical requirements, to lay the foundation of your success. To make your data more complete, valid, and up to date, our experts safeguard your most valuable asset by employing an iterative framework that is operationalized as part of Data Governance initiatives.


Data Storage & Accessibility

Get a broad view of data storage locations, consistent service for hybrid IT environments, and data control management for cloud and on-premises workloads. Amtex BI experts support your businesses to build the most modern data infrastructure, encompassing cloud-built data warehousing, cloud Data Lake, and data sharing across one or multiple clouds. With our cloud expert’s guidance, manage your data across on-premises data centers, private and public clouds. When you use multiple clouds to meet your digital transformation goals, Amtex BI experts skillfully offer the flexibility to accommodate your changing business to compete for success.


Data Security

Reliable data security is decisive to your organization’s success! At Amtex BI, our experts analyze the maturity of your information system, identify risks, gaps, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Our data security experts provide you with the wide-ranging expertise needed for compliance with data security and data protection laws. Employing Information Security Data Governance, our data security consulting services help you handle increasingly large volumes of data regulating security engineering, management, assessment, and compliance.